Tuesday, 14 October 2008

sleepless night.

I can't get going today, the shop should be open by now, but I'm not dressed yet! Arthur has not been well and was awake a lot in the night. Demanding food and drink.. because he didn't eat anything all day yesterday.  He also will be missing nursery so I am hoping he is going to have a long sleep this morning.  I have a big list to get on with, some days it is best just to do one thing at a time and potter through the list slowly and feel that if anything is achieved it will be a miracle. 
10 0 clock.  
The shop looks open now. First thing tackle the kitchen and make a huge coffee! Arthur is happy playing with duplo.
The list,
Sort at least one kit out (Tony has sorted the packaging of our knitting kits, and is just waiting for the patterns and items that are to be put in them.)
Books, (lots to do there!)
Finish some of the necklaces I started yesterday.
I won't add any more to that list as I will not achieve it. I have to go and build some bricks with Arthur now.
It is going to be a hard day I have run out of energy and it is only 11 0 clock!

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