Monday, 13 October 2008

Ally Pally

this is some of my stash from Ally Pally yesterday, I had a great day. I met lots of lovely people and found loads of stuff I would like to put in the shop..if only budget was no object!
photographs were not encouraged, shame because the colours were so amazing.
I bought some extreme needles from Ingrid Wagner, who is really lovely and I met for the first time at the Woolfest in Cumbria, I actually knitted with giant size needles there which was great. So thought I ought to buy some this time and I may be found knitting with them outside my shop (possibly causing people to have accidents as they drive past!) this week after all it is national knitting week. Ingrid can be found at
I also purchased a giant sewing needle from the original extreme knitter Rachel John.
Can't wait to get making something..but what? a giant bag? a carpet? mmm will have to do a lot of thinking. 
This is the gorgeous hemp I use to make my crocheted necklaces available on Etsy. The Hemp has been dyed in the uk in really rich colours, by The House Of Hemp in Cornwall.
Mmm I also bought more buttons, cause they just look so lovely..but I do have quite a lot already! Not only the ones below but jars and jars of different colours, I,m working my way through them though, and if I could just get some sales on etsy and folksy i would get through A lot more!

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