Monday, 25 May 2009

I can't believe a whole week has gone!  though i have been fairly busy. I actually managed to get an order out.
These are tea cosies covered in vintage buttons (the more buttons I use up the more i can buy he he!) They were knitted and then felted in the washing machine before i added the buttons.
Another great way of using up some of my button stash..these little bracelets are made using some new yarn that came in last week, it is as wide as ribbon and has silver thread running through it. I can sew the buttons directly onto it and make instant bracelets, I also did some using the felt flowers and buttons.  I am aiming to do some mixed yarn bags for sale in my shops, also adding little packs of vintage buttons and unusual ribbons that i have day soon i will get organised :)
I also finished a batch of my little felt brooches. All of the above has gone to my favorite cafe in Childe Okeford.
I have had a new delivery of yummy yarns
and gorgeous fairtrade Rosewood needles by Mango Moon.
The above yarn I thought would be great used as a fringe rather than knitting with it, and this will be one i add to the mixed bags.
This is a really soft multi coloured yarn, which i have not yet tested. I will make some mobile phone socks in this to see how it knits up.
Right i'm off to do some more making. I have 3 more shops waiting for orders.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

A beautiful walk.

On Monday we went for a gorgeous walk, me and George went out Sunday night to take photo's and discovered the woods at Duncliffe  full of Blue bells.   It was getting dark by the time we got there so I just had to go back Monday morning and get some photo's before the weather changed.
Tony and Arthur came too, which was great because I was free to take photo's while Arthur chatted and chatted..
We went through a gate along the path towards the woods,
then we turned left across the field and up through a gap in the bushes,
onto a lovely bluebell lined path..

and on further into the woods,
I stopped to take in the beauty around me, such great colours. I love this time of year especially when the suns shining.
We followed tracks through the blue bells,
'this way daddy'  Arthur decided to lead the way and was loving being out with his dad.
Tony asked Arthur 'what black and white animal lived down the holes'  Arthur replied 'Zebras?'..
While they searched for zebras I got down to flower level,
back on the homeward stretch,

Chatter chatter... Arthur did not want to turn left back down the hill, he wanted the walk to carry on allllll dayyy :)  

Sunday, 10 May 2009

The winner is..

Becky aka  purple sparkle. 

George my eldest son printed off the names and cut them up, then shook them up in the hat and Arthur picked out the winner :)

So your cupcake fabric and cup cake are on there way Purple sparkle, I hope you have some lovely plans for the yummy fabric.

So sorry to all of you who entered, thankyou so much for entering.   

I will be doing another Sunday giveaway next week..not sure yet what it will be.  Maybe vintage fabric or buttons, something I have made  mmm will have to see how the week goes. 

It has been a very intense week which i will blog tommorow, i'm off to watch desperate housewifes now and collapse.

Have a fab week x

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Abbey Hill Steam Fair.

Arthur had such a fab weekend, on Saturday there was a celebration of the railway station in Gillingham being open for 1oo years, with steam engines trundling down the high street and lots of model railways to look at.  Tony took Arthur out for the whole morning, then to a indoor play centre in the afternoon. (so I had a lovely peaceful Saturday.)
On Sunday we went to Abbey Hill Steam Rally, which was a great day out, its such a laid back little show with a friendly atmosphere and not too busy. Arthur is looking out of the trailer above which is towed by a steam roller...out onto the main road all around the showground and back in through another gate.  Arthur just went really really quiet but loved every minute.
Me and Arthur went off around the stalls while Tony looked at bikes,
'mmm should I get one like that next?'
'mmm or one like that'..this went on for an hour.
 while I managed to add to my button collection, finding two jars of buttons at 1.00 each ya!
Which are still unopened, I am saving them for when I need a bit of button therapy ;) 
Arthur added to his car collection (which is nearly as bad as my buttons). So every one was happy!  Tony then took Harry and Arthur to watch the stockcar racing on Monday, so I had a very peaceful weekend.....think Tony is still recovering from all that running around though :)

Today I am going to do some photographs,  in order to update folksy, etsy and my website.   

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Cupcake Giveaway!!!!!

To celebrate getting the gorgeous fabrics in my shop Tamsyn G I have decided to give away a fat quarter of my favorite fabric.

As well as one of my felted brooches, made from a recycled jumper, I have needlefelted gorgeous merino wool to make the icing and vintage wool on to make the cake case then added a lovely vintage button (that looks just like a smarty) and beads.
So if you love cupcakes as much as me...(well i like to look at and eat them not so good at making the real ones!)
and you leave a comment on my blog, I will put all of the names into a hat and get Arthur to pick one out to be the winner next Sunday, the 10th of May..I hope thats not too long to wait :)

Saturday, 2 May 2009

How lovely is this?

I love all this fabric that has just come in!  I've got masses of ideas of what i could make with it.
These little Russian dolls would look great just cut out and embellished onto things, they would look fab as fabric buttons, and brooches. There is also ribbon like this which i have yet to photograph.
I love the vintagey feel of these linen fabrics.  I am going to cover some boxes in this fabric and turn them into little sewing boxes

How fab would this fabric be for tables at craft and vintage fairs?  Though a little costly, it would be a great base to put things on and look amazing.

This would be lovely made into vintage style aprons or pinnys. I think I might cut up the little squares and use them as little patches, soooo cute!

This is obviously my favorite!  The cakes look good enough to eat, they would look great emebellished with little beads to look like hundreds and thousands.

More Russian dolls but a much bigger print such gorgeous colours.
I have now posted these onto my website, which is quite quick for me :)  Tony has taken Arthur out for the day and the shop has been fairly quiet so for once I have actually put the time to good use.
I am thinking of doing a Fat quarter giveaway watch this space :)