Thursday, 9 October 2008


Time for tea.

I,m knitting this scarf to show off the gorgeous shades of colour that are in it, I have the mohair in my shop and it is hard to imagine how it comes out when it is just rolled into a ball.I don,t know how long it will stay in the shop though, my samples seem to sell quite fast.
This is some more lovely shades of Autumn from yesterday. I,m so glad we went for a walk in the sun. The colours were just amazing as they are again today.
Early morning mist coming off the lake. Very Autumn.
Tony and Arthur put up a rail for all my new scarfs and brooches. Arthur carried on when Tony left, climbed up his ladder hammered a couple of times and charged me 10p a time! Then he stopped for a tea break. I will attempt to add the other pics but I am not sure where they will I thought they went to the top of the page. I'm sure I'll get the hang of this soon!
I have just had a major disaster on the washing front! In my haste to get the washing in this morning I grabbed all the dark coloured stuff and shoved it in the washing machine, thinking I would hang it out early to dry in the sun. Well I have just gone to hang it out (late afternoon!) and found that a nappy had gone in with it, NOT a washable one (luckily it was not a mucky one!) any way everything is now covered in white fluff, (which does not look great on black trousers, Harry is going to be cross with me!) So I have had to put it all back in and hope some of it will wash out. Then I will need a lot of cellotape to get the rest off!

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