Wednesday, 22 October 2008

A Busy Week.

I have been busy packaging new beads that arrived last week, Tony has made some fab labels for them.
I think the 'Tamsyn G' label is starting to work and look a lot more proffesional.

I'm really pleased with these tiny labels that I can now sew on to everything I make.

It's all very exciting. I have been booking up some little fairs just locally to promote the shop (I can see me working back to the big ones next year!) it will be fun seeing everything on display.

Last week was really hard which is why I have not added anything until now. Arthur had a yukky sick bug, which when he was very ill was fine, he just lay down. The better he felt the more he turned into a monster, a really loud screaming monster. He acted like the most spoilt boy on the planet and was horrible to everyone. He also decided he was not sleeping in the afternoons any more.  He's a little better this week and we have the old lovely Arthur back for a few hours a day, but he is now adjusting to not sleeping in the day and becomes a monster at 4, but then begs to go to bed at half 6 so we will put up with the grumps for now.

Tony was going to pick up a new BSA bike and was testing wether it would fit in the van, obviously it did, ha ra that saved getting a trailer.  He was going to collect it and visit a friend so away for two days. Before going he thought he would help me out by installing I- photo onto my computer hmm it didn't work and wiped everything else off including the internet! This was not good as I am on etsy, Folksy, ravelry and flickr as well as writing a he went away leaving me stranded! I was quite calm I thought at the time. The good thing was I got some bookwork done.
Tony says that he found a great use for all the fleeces that are stored in the shed waiting to be turned into wool, they made a nice cushion for his bike!  Now though there is two bikes in the shed so much less space for my fleeces.
Arthur helped me un pack the new stock, it is like Xmas every time we get a delivery. The big box then gets turned into a car or train, so obviously he was keen for me to unpack it quickly.
I Spent one evening completely rearranging the shop, so thats another thing I used my time for.

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