Monday, 24 August 2009

Blog Awards

Ya, I have been given 2 blog awards one of which was a little while ago and i hadn't noticed.
The first one is from Woolyholic (and she lives up to her name. ) Her crochet skills are amazing, and make you wish you were part of the Granny Square swap..take a looksee :)
Thankyou Woolyholic :) 

My second award was from the lovely Mollimoo her blog is full of loveliness and sharing as well as the crafty things she makes for her Folksy and Etsy shop, she is also a bit of a buttonholic so when she pops into my shop for a visit we don't stop talking!

For this I must make an acceptance here goes.

I would like to say a huge thankyou to all you bloggers who pop in to read my little blog and leave comments.  It is a great comfort to know there are so many crafty folks out there and I am often inspired by all of your blogs and creations.
*tears welling up*  stumbles off stage.

I will pass these on my next post, which will also include the fun i had at the Fibre Fest in Devon.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Holiday snaps

We had a fab break. It was raining and grey as we headed down to Lymington to catch the ferry to the Isle Of Wight.  We got on the ferry and as it crossed the small distance to IOW the clouds cleared and the sun came out Ha Ra!
We drove straight to the beach, and spent the rest of the day enjoying the sunshine, very unexpected! The boys had a great time, George and Harry are so good with Arthur. I sat on the beach and crocheted flowers in lots of different yarns while sipping tea perfect :)
The Hotel was hidden down a little lane and on a cliff edge though the trees blocked any view of the sea.  When we arrived we were told that we no longer had the rooms we had asked for as there had been a mix up, we had booked a suite of 3 rooms and two bathrooms..before getting cross we went to look at the alternative, which turned out to be 2 rooms one of the rooms had 5 beds in it!  Any way it was not what we wanted at all.. the man got on the phone and came back to us, with an offer of a suite for the teenagers and we have the first suite with Arthur, the only problem is (he said) that they are in two different wings of the should have seen George and Harry when they saw there rooms! They were over the moon, and next to the snooker room, swimming pool and table tennis.  It worked out fab, they could have there time and we met up at dinner. 
Tony managed to find a quiet spot, and on Sunday I spent the morning sat in the garden on my own reading a book, lovely.
The boys taught Arthur to play golf and table tennis (Arthur occasionally went in search of George and Harry, they all loved it, and also met in the pool before Arthur went to bed.
Sunday afternoon we went down to the beach near the hotel, no sand, but it was very quiet and unspoilt and very hot! I yarn bombed a few pebbles, Harry did some cave painting..

George found a quiet spot, and sat thinking..
mainly about skate boarding, and what he could do instead..
Jumping the rocks seemed like a good game!  I took photos and tried very hard not to shout be careful or don't be silly, I have learnt that he needs these extreme times and nothing I say will stop him.  There is quite a big gap between the rocks in the photo above.  
I took a lot of photos as the colours were fantastic,
I love these weathered roots of an overturned tree,
There was weird red sea weed everywhere which contrasted beautifully with the azure blue of the sea.
We did drop George off at Vetnor on the Monday so he could get his skateboard fix, and we went off to Shanklin for a walk up the chine and a play on the slot machines to get that real seaside holiday feel :)
It was a lovely break and we were so lucky with the sun. We got back to Lymington and it was pouring with rain and we drove through torrential rain all the way home. What a fluke :)