Monday, 13 October 2008

Needle felting Workshop.

On Saturday I held my first needle felting workshop. The half an hour before everyone arrived I was having a nervous breakdown! Though I prepared a lot the night before I could not see how I could get it already and looking like a class before people started to arrive. George my eldest son came to the rescue with looking after Arthur. I think it was more like stage nerves, I had no idea if it would work out ok, but I needn't have worried.
It was a great success and everyone went home with lovely things that they had made. Jill said she was totally inspired and kept drifting off while rolling felt could just see the thought bubbles full of ideas!
The picture above is some of my work, I was inspired by what everyone was doing, it is amazing how so many different things acn come out of the same materials.
jacobs wool I have cleaned and carded ready to roll into balls. Which I did the night before.
I am always amazed by the process, by adding soap and water and just rolling the wool around in the hands it ends up as a solid ball.
Arthur had a lovely day hanging out with teenage brother, doing a bit of graffiti on the drive, and skateboarding. George and Arthur had a picnic while sat on their boards.
I have used wool I have spun needle felted onto a felted jumper sleeve, it will make a great bracelet.
Jills beads and flower.
Getting stuck in. Loads of yummy coloured merino tops to choose from.
A beautiful bracelet made during the class. This one inspired me.
Not a bad lot of goodies made, considering Amanda had never needlefelted before.
Kate's Ameoba. 
Two of the ladies sharing Ideas.
It was a really good day, and I now feel a lot more confident.


  1. glad everything went well. i don't think i would be able to teach a class, i'd be so nervous :)

  2. Thanks littlecraft shop, I love your little bears. I was very nervous, but I did know a couple of people which made it easier, I'm not sure I taught them just showed them a few possibilities, that seemed to work.