Wednesday, 8 October 2008

getting out

Some of the autumn pics from today. At 7 oclock while having our first cup of tea, we decided it was to nice a day to miss. I feel like i have not seen the sun for ages, and as I am sometimes known as a photographer I decided it would be more important to go out and capture the Autumn than open the shop. Mmmm could have been the wrong decision and I hope I didn't upset any customers, I am sure they will understand.
I was trying to capture the light in the early morning dew.  We escaped to Stourhead which is so gorgeous first thing in the morning and very peaceful!
Lovely lovely reds.

The trees were full of berries, there was a holly bush completely covered in berries, I'm sure it was not like that last year.
This is Arthur in his favorite huge puddle. Part of the carpark near us floods and Arthur loves to go and have a splash around after the rain. I will post some more pics tommorow as I think blogger will be getting to busy now, and I can smell the dinner burning whoops!

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