Thursday, 22 January 2009

What to do today.

It's been a mad busy week.  I went to a trade show in London on my own on Sunday which was bliss!  Met up with some old faces and spent the day yakking.  I also ordered quite a bit of new stock. There was some lovely things there and I have lots of things I'd like to order too!  
On the train I managed to make about 12 crochet flowers ( I am making some rings) and write lots of notes and plans.
I have since put some of those plans into action and spent Tuesday taking photographs for our new kits and to go online.....I have soooo much more to photograph and thats my dilemma today.
I have some orders to do making button necklaces and brooches, I did manage to make 5 necklaces yesterday so its a start. I am making on the dining table so keep having to move, I do have a work space but I keep filling it up so that you can no longer see the surface! (my plan is to use the table in the shop when the sale ends.) I don't really have to move till 7 0 clock so thats not really a good enough excuse! The shop was fairly busy which is really good, and Arthur wanted to play. I also spent quite a bit of time online.  Anyway back to today...

I think photographs first while Arthur is at nursery. I would like to start putting my stock on the website.
There is a photographer coming to take my pic for a local paper after I may need to tidy up a bit.
Then this afternoon finish the button necklaces I have done so that I can give them to Jenni if she comes to knit and Natter tonight...aaah clear the table and get ready for that.
Well I think that will do for today!!   

Monday, 19 January 2009

Saturday Workshop.

I held a needlefelting workshop on Saturday.  For once I was organised the day before, so there wasn't the mad panic an hour before (which the family was glad about!).  With the shop attatched to the house if I start getting stressed (I do sometimes.) it can rub off onto everyone else.  Tony was best Dad and took Arthur out to a play centre with his best little friend (Arthurs not Tony's :) until after 1. 0 clock so that was great and very peaceful.  

I'm always a bit nervous before hand but I shouldn't have worried.  The morning was a great success with everyone going home with a stash of things they'd made. I fill the table with beads and findings so that people can take home a finished item.

Jaqueline and Claire were so proud of there brooches they wore them home, and also enjoyed the workshop so much they have booked to come on the 'Make Do And Mend' on the 7th Febuary.  I think there is only one place remaining on that workshop so thats really good!

Above are more bits that were produced on the day. I was threatening to pinch some of the ideas! It is really good inspiration for me seeing what people make and the ideas that spin off that. I had a great morning and really it felt like a morning off.

Thursday, 15 January 2009


This is the finished brooches, that have all sold now and I need to start again!
I am teaching Needlefelting on Saturday, maybe I could get people making these and then confiscate them at the end ;0
Of course I wouldn't be so cruel.
I'm off to clear the tables for knit and natter now, last week was so full no one else could fit through the door, so I'm going to try and magic some extra space!

It's been soooo long!

I can't believe it was november the last time I wrote anything.  I did get a little busy! Trying to make orders for shops, Etsy and Folksy as well as running my shop which had masses of customers to chat to (thats really where a lot of time goes.) and also musn't forget entertaining Arthur.
It has really calmed down now, but only just. I had a fab family xmas and new year, and got lovely pressies to play with from Tony. One was a ball winder great for making small balls to go in the kits I'm designing, and fantastic for using up wool. 

I have been making magic balls of wool (which will be for sale as a kit very soon) using masses of colours, glittery and bobbly wools inbetween, they look gorgeous just as they are, but knitted up they are great. I am just getting back to photography so there will be more pics soon.  I think we need to wear really cheerful clothes this year to ward off the grumps.
I am going to add crochet flowers, buttons and tassles using every colour possible.

I also got an Embellisher, I am very lucky!  I have yet to really experiment with it but above are some of the brooches I made using recycled fabrics and odd bits of yarn.  
I have been collecting masses of buttons fabric and clothes to recycle, so whatever happens this year I will be having fun.