Friday, 27 March 2009

So excited!

I was experimenting with photos for an advert going in a little mag to celebrate the Gillingham train station being 100 years old.  I thought a vintage style ad would look good.  In the end I used my previous pic with the old patterns behind (posted in a previous post).  Tony did a fantastic job and the advert looks great. The above pictures do show a little bit of how the shop is changing though, really taking 'make do and mend on board! :)
What i am excited about though is not boring adverts, but this amazing box of buttons one of my lovely customers brought in for me...
How lucky am I, of course I gave her a great big hug.  
My evening is going to be spent sorting buttons, great fun and very exciting..well to me any way:)


  1. Ooh,lucky lady! Have fun...I have button envy x

  2. It was great fun sorting them, I am going to spend the week turning some of them into jewellery..and I will have a good lot of vintage ones out to share on Saturday! :)

  3. Hi Tamsyn, i've just stumbled onto your blog via Maria's [wonderwoman] blog & i'm so glad i did. I love the photo for the advert!!..i share a love of vintage treasures too..especially in the shape of textiles, buttons, tins, sewing thingies etc etc. i'm green with envy of your buttons too lol..and i love vintage jars for storing allsorts. i'm a weaver and i'm surrounded by lots of delish yarn..wish i lived closer to your shop i'd be popping in all the time :) cheers, Marian

  4. Hi Marian, Thanks for stumbling on my blog! Nice of you to pop in :)
    I have just had a peak at yours which is fab! Love the tea towels and airers. Great way to display things. I wish you lived closer to! I would have to pop around yours to take a closer look at your gorgeous weaving!