Thursday, 12 March 2009

Finishing off.

This should have appeared at the bottom, I am still not getting the hang of this, I am off to get the table ready for knit an natter, I have to go to Georges school at 5 for parents evening (not a good night!) and take Arthur. So by 5 Arthur needs to be fed the table needs to be ready with 20 chairs and cups and saucers out, then straight back from the school to get Arthur ready for bed before everyone arrives. Tony is taking harry to singing lesson then on to a slightly busy night.  I have said everyone will have to get there own tea! (thats food not cups of, incase any knitting ladies read this!)
I love these jars, I got the bigger ones at a jumble sale on saturday and decided to organise some of my collection of beads,buttons and ribbons. I can now see all the lovely things I need to turn into works of art for my shop mmm.. if the days were just a bit longer or if I could stay awake to make them longer!
I have been trying really hard to get these brooches finished and off to Galleries..nearly there!
I was taking pictures of the yarn for my website using this wrapping paper as backing, and loved the way the cupcakes are slightly camoflagued (I know, I am useless at spelling, that part of my brain seems to have shut down.) The otherside of this paper is also patterned. I think its the nicest wrapping paper i've seen for ages, but of course i am slightly biased as it is for sale in my shop.

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