Friday, 6 March 2009

I have been busy changing the shop around and fitting in all my new finds and lots of new stock.
I am really starting to mix old with new, and am becoming a little bit addicted to finding vintage buttons and tins, my Sundays are now spent at carboots or antique fairs..well it gets me out of the shop.  Arthur enjoys it too as he can always find a new old car, he loves to rummage and find the perfect car or lorry.  The bluebird tin (which i think is gorgeous) sold with in two days of having it in the shop!  It looked so nice with my buttons in :(.  I must learn to share and not keep it all for myself!
This is some of the lovely new yarns by Gedifra and Adriafil...I am going for the colourfull and glitzy yarns. If That way if no one buys them I turn them all into lovely flowers and little bags (may take a while but it will be fun!)..
Lots of new stock I will try and get some online, by wednesday next week..if it hasn't all gone by then...always the optimist!
I can't believe a week has gone by and I am getting ready for tommorows workshop, which is a Button I can share out a little of my button stash, mmm and then go and buy some more ;)
Last saturday was needlefelting, above is Alice's (aka Ladypole on Ravelry) felted bits..I have actually pinched the squiggly yarn idea on the heart, quite useful doing these workshops..every one is so inspiring!
Jane brought her three daughters, which I was slightly worried about, as the needles are very sharp! They were all amazing though and really enjoyed the morning.  I love the octopus necklace and Jane's flag brooch. Very clever.

Concentrating very hard!
They were all very industrious!
Above is Elizabeth's work,  I can see the half flower as a hair decoration. ("fascinator"). Elizabeth brought in some of her own equipment one of which was a needle holder with four needles in, much quicker to work with..and every body borrowed it.  I will need to get some of these in for the next one. 
 First I need to put in some new dates for workshops as March is just going so fast.
Well back to my buttons is my first button workshop so I am a little nervous, I never know how it's going to go. It will be lots of fun and I'm sure everyone will have fun picking out the buttons they are going to use, and I'm sure they will go home with lots of goodies!


  1. Wow! It all sounds like button heaven. I would love,love,love to come to any one of your workshops Tamsyn if only I didn't live so far away. Not that it's really that far as I do drive but it's just what with the kids and all that! A button workshop would be my favourite. I'm also loving the new & vintage mix in your shop. I thrift the same kind of things myself. Have a lovely weekend x

  2. Was definitly button heaven today! It is a shame you can't make a workshop..I could always come to you and have a button party! (like party plan) I am thinking of going on the road with the workshops, maybe in a year or so. When Arthurs a bit bigger. But I can always escape in the evenings. Glad your liking the vintage look. It's great fun thrifting :)
    Have a great weekend x

  3. Well Tamsyn, I looked on the map & realised you are not so far away & I'm going to book up & come along if that's ok! I'll be in touch soon. It will be nice to have an indulgent Saturday for once! Glad you had a good day today x