Saturday, 18 April 2009

Family holiday.

We have just spent a lovely week down at Charmouth, so many great places to visit from there.The older boys and Tony walked over the hills to Lyme Regis (one of my favorite places!) on Bank Holiday Monday while I sat on the beach in Charmouth knitting and looking after Arthur. The sun was shining , the beach was busy but not over crowded. 
The picture above is Beer, where we went for breakfast on the beach. There is a few shacks on the beach that serve breakfast. It was really lovely and quiet. I managed to have a look round one of my favorite galleries Marine Gallery, on the walk back to the car. 
The boys spent an hour throwing stones, this one was aimed at me..not a good idea!
Arthur looks like 'butter wouldn't melt!' He had fun being taught by his dad and brothers how to climb rocks, jump waves, dig huge holes, and generally do things that may be a little dangerous.  They often went off and left me to knit, so that I didn't keep saying 'thats not a good idea,' or 'be careful' or' you will live to regret that!' I am such a thrill spoiler!
I wander how many holidays are left where we all go? George did manage to find some good skate parks the Trick factory at Bridport was favorite, followed by Seaton. 
It was great to spend time with the whole family, we stayed in a house which was a huge plus.  We have attempted camping for the past three years and always end up very wet and very cross through lack of sleep.  I managed to get quite a bit of knitting and crochet done while we were away. Pics to follow :)
Now all I need to do is catch up on bookwork, take lots of money to make up for the lost week of takings and get some orders finished...oh and do a painting by May, once I clear my attic studio of all Arthurs old clothes and toys as well as the stash of jumpers I have for recycling. Ho Hum :)

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  1. Thanks for your comments over on mine! Glad you had a great holiday. I love Lyme Regis too. It's so precious to have the time together as a family. Don't work too hard now you are home! x