Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Surrounded by Angels!

I am surrounded by angels! It amazes me how generous people can be.  last week nearly every day somebody brought me something for my shop. These buttons were donated in a great big sweety jar! You should have seen my face :0 such a great big grin! 
I love sorting through buttons and discovering the history behind them. Tony also joins in when I have put together some treasure.  He is very good at telling what materials and machinery has been used, so being able to date them.  Some of the ones in the photo above we believe to be very old.  
I will use a lot of these in my jewellery and as embellishments on my brooches, but I am a little bit more careful about which ones should not be used.  I have a few tins of 'treasure'.
The buttons below were brought in today, the lady that gave them to me knits for charity, so when I have spare wool I pass on some to her and so the love goes round!
I really feel at the moment I am in the right place at the right time..for once! 
I have also had help from little angels with some of my sewing..of labels and a bit of beading on some of my brooches....because I am not really being very productive at the moment, absolutly full of ideas and inspiration but lacking in time.  Mainly because I keep being distracted by buttons! :)

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