Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Ha ra I'm spinning..sort of!

Above is what I should be doing. I have lots of orders for my Cup Cake brooches and new Spring Flower ones..I am just getting to the beading stage so nearly there.
These pictures always seem to go the wrong way up, I need to take note next time I do this so that I can get them in the right order!  This is my super wash merino purchased from http://Fluffnstuff.misi.me.uk .  A little bit over spun, but it is getting there.
Tony bought me this lovely old wheel for valentines (How lucky am I !) and I have been trying to get it to work with not much prior knowledge of spinning.  Alice (aka Ladypole on Ravelry) had brought her spinning wheel to knit and natter and I had a little try, though mainly managed to make the wheel go backwards!  I practised spinning mine with out wool on to start with, just so I could get the leg-hand co-ordination.  It did need taking apart and oiling, and the tension still needs a bit of work, I can't imagine ever producing something even all the way through, like the beautiful yarns on Ravelry.  I like the lumps and bumps in the yarn and fancy making some Art Yarn adding little bits of mixed fibres and of course loads of different colours!
Arthur likes to spin the wheel and let me just do the yarn. Or he sits on my lap and lets the yarn travel through his fingers on its way to the bobbin....maybe if I teach him now he may be producing yarn for me by the time he's 4?
Have just had a Rowan delivery so I better get pricing that and working out where it is going to go?...and then photograph it to go on line. Sooo beading will have to wait.


  1. that looks like so much fun! It's a really beautiful wheel. You are one lucky lady:)

  2. Thankyou. I do keeping pinching myself each time I look at it :)