Tuesday, 2 June 2009

The week in pictures.

I have been making these little button hearts to go on Folksy (the bottom one has already Sold :) and also for
a little craft market this Saturday called the Anonymous Travelling Market, it's going to be held at Pyt House Garden, which is a lovely pyo and has a gorgeous cafe. There is going to be food stalls as well as local crafts.  I have no idea how its going to go, and it will be the first time i have exhibited for a very long time.
It was lovely being able to work in the garden last week in the sun. 
Tony and george thought I had gone mad when these Bakelite furniture rests arrived, but I did have a plan for them..
Great for putting all the little beads in and also for people to use on my workshops for collecting the buttons and bits for making. They don't take up as much space as the little saucers i have been using.
It was a great week for barbeques and yummy salads in the garden.
George went to a 70's and 80's party and decided to go as a pacman...think he had got a little bit bored by the time it got to painting it :)  Arthur had to help him test it out.
Apparently it lasted about an hour at the party (as george had predicted) every one wanted a go in it till it completely fell apart.
Well I'm off to do some making with lots of other ladies as its Crafty Tuesday! Any one can join me round the table and bring whatever they are working on, knitting,crochet,sewing,beading etc. A lovely way to start the week :)


  1. i just love those little button hearts - had a great time this morning - could have stayed all day - bliss!!!

  2. Thank you luvvy, was a nice ralaxed morning. great way to start the week :) and thankyou for my lovely pink bunting x

  3. The button hearts are really very adorable!