Monday, 25 May 2009

I can't believe a whole week has gone!  though i have been fairly busy. I actually managed to get an order out.
These are tea cosies covered in vintage buttons (the more buttons I use up the more i can buy he he!) They were knitted and then felted in the washing machine before i added the buttons.
Another great way of using up some of my button stash..these little bracelets are made using some new yarn that came in last week, it is as wide as ribbon and has silver thread running through it. I can sew the buttons directly onto it and make instant bracelets, I also did some using the felt flowers and buttons.  I am aiming to do some mixed yarn bags for sale in my shops, also adding little packs of vintage buttons and unusual ribbons that i have day soon i will get organised :)
I also finished a batch of my little felt brooches. All of the above has gone to my favorite cafe in Childe Okeford.
I have had a new delivery of yummy yarns
and gorgeous fairtrade Rosewood needles by Mango Moon.
The above yarn I thought would be great used as a fringe rather than knitting with it, and this will be one i add to the mixed bags.
This is a really soft multi coloured yarn, which i have not yet tested. I will make some mobile phone socks in this to see how it knits up.
Right i'm off to do some more making. I have 3 more shops waiting for orders.


  1. Gorgeous pictures! Especially the brooches. And the yarn. And the new bracelets. And so on.. :-)

  2. oooh - such lovely goodies as usual - will see you tomorrow!

  3. Hi Tamsyn

    I really must try and get to your shop. Will speak to Glenda about our button day. Everything looks gorgeous - I just need more hours in the day!

    Sue x

  4. I need more hours to..I have so many ideas for using up my button stash and so little time. I would love to manage on just 3 hours sleep instead of the 10 I really need! x