Monday, 8 June 2009

Tamsyn G on The road.

This is some of the Fabrics I was sorting to take to The Anonymous Travelling Market at Pyt House, actually these were the bits I didn't want to share :) Some lovely vintage fabrics that I will save for a day when the sewing machine comes out.  I sorted lots of other bits (two big boxes full!) into fat quarters and also sorted through my button stash and bagged up lots of buttons.
I was making things all week, lots more cupcake brooches and button bracelets., little heart brooches and mobile phone socks. So it was a bit of a manic week.
The Gazebo arrived on Thursday and i thought I would test setting it up.  Arthur came back from nursery and decided it should be a fruit stall, so out came his till all the fruit and george to be his customer.
It was great to be out on the road again, but I had really forgotton how much time you need to setup! we were right at the bottom of the garden, and I had loaded the van with hings in baskets and bags so that they could be put straight out.  This was not a good plan, and 2 hours later i was still trundling things down the garden using a borrowed wheelbarrow.  Then was asked to move the vehicles and that there was just 20 minutes left..which sent me into a panic attack, I  just felt like sitting on the floor saying ' I can't do it' and 'there's no way i will be ready' as people started to come in, (actually that is what i did in the end, then recovered quickly as people started shopping).  The next thing I knew it was 3 oclock  and I had not spoken to Kate (who was next to me selling lovely vintage bits) once, nor eaten and only managed to have one cup of coffee that a lovely friend got for me.
By the time we stopped all the food had sold out and people were packing up.  Though quite hungry i'd say that was the best result we could have hoped for.
The next time I go to a show the stock will be neatly stocked in 3 big boxes that fit on my sack trucks and I will have some sort of plan as to how the  stall will look.


  1. So glad that the day was a success even though it started badly.
    Your pitch looked beautiful!

  2. Hi Tamsyn

    Tried to leave a comment but having problems. Glad it was such a great day. Would have loved to have come but was at Dairy House all day and couldn't get away.

    See you soon.

    Sue x