Sunday, 21 June 2009

The Anonymous Traveling Market Visits Melton Abbas

This was only our second trip out with our little gazebo. I gave myself a lot more time to set up, and really should not have taken so much stock ,the shop was shut so when I was loading the van I kept taking things off the shelves. (which is not good, cause now I have to put it all back )
Arthur helped set up the gazebo by hammering all the pegs in..this started with Tony holding the pegs while Arthur hammered..ouch! not one of his best ideas :) Then we couldn't get the hammer back off Arthur (I know he's only three, but he did not start the day in a great mood!)
The setting was amazing, we looked out over an imaculate lawn to fields and woods. It was in the grounds of Melbury Abbey.  Tony and Arthur had a fab day, they went off and explored and went swimmimg in the pool, they even got a ride on a fire engine which went down to the village and back. I didn't see them again until it was time to pack I had a very relaxed day!
It took a while to set up, but I feel much happier this time. It was a very good practice. Unfortunatly there were not that many customers.  The traveling market has some amazing stalls and excellent food stalls. The last one we did we were rushed off our feet, this one was a more private affair and the girls who run the market were not allowed to advertise it and were told there would be 600 people.
Ah well it was a very nice day, i did lots of chatting and quite a bit of knitting. I actually felt like i had a day off.
I feel a bit more confident about booking some more fairs now.  More established ones!
Am going to completely rearrange the shop tommorow while it is shut. After I have escaped for a bit :)


  1. Oh what a shame it could not be advertised - your stand looks fantastic! won't be in tomorrow morn but will pop in one afternoon.


  2. Why couldn't they advertise, I wonder? At least it wasn't wasted if you felt you had a bonus day off! Perhaps everyone was at Shepton Mallet - it seemed like it!
    Sue x

  3. I would really have preferred to be at Shepton! It was a really a village school fair put on By Milton abbas school for the villagers and they didn't want to encourage the general public..really should have followed my instinct on this one. But I met some nice people and am sure some of them will become regular customers :)
    Glad you had a good day:)

    Maria i will get the kettle ready :)

  4. Thanks for the comment. That's funny you went to Camp B last year, so did we! It was great wasn't it?! Have a great weekend & yes, I'm going to be charging my camera batteries right up! Just got to wait a few weeks yet, boo! x