Friday, 12 June 2009

Knitting a tree sock project!

This is the start of quite a huge project, and being really organised (noooot!) we have only three weeks to complete it!
For the Gillingham Festival which starts on the 4th of July for two weeks, I suggested we cover the tree opposite the show ground with knitting, people have nodded and agreed but not really got any idea what i'm talking about (this happens alot he he ). I am on twitter and am following Knit City which is so inspiring and this is the sort of thing I hope to achieve hopefully with a little bit of help from fellow knitters.
Some of the knit and Natter group have donated knitted bits already as above, which is fantastic.  Tommorow 13th of June is World Wide Knit in Public Day and we are going to knit outside my shop...I am going to attempt knitting with my giant needles (should help the project along a bit!)  There will be lots of tea and coffee and Biscuits  to keep us all going.  If any of you would like to join us and knit a square you would be very welcome :) Also if any of you knitters out there have odd bits of knitting (ie tension squares) that you don't know what to do with we could add them to the pile..then there's going to be one huge sewing day. I did pick up an extreme sewing needle from Rachel John at Ally pally last year so that should make it a bit easier.
This is the is going to be so colourful!! The sign may need a bit of knitting to.


  1. oh my!!! didn't realise it was that big!!!
    see you sat - am bringing bridget!


  2. Ya, that will be great, thanks for yours and bridgets help will notice your pieces are the main ones so far :)

  3. Hi Tamsyn

    I'll see what I have - I know I have several bizarre lengths made up but I can't remember whether they're knitting or crochet. Could drop them off on my way home one evening if that's any good?

    Sue x

  4. Hi Sue that sounds fab, any knitting or crochet bits would be great..there is going to be one big sewing day where we put it all together, then persuade Tony to get up the ladder and sew some bits on the higher branches ;) Am thinking of coming to see you next fri morning? will miss flea market again this sun :( x