Thursday, 9 July 2009

Tree project count down!

Just a very quick update on the tree sock project.  Everyone was still busy knitting squares tonight and I did a bit of needlefelting graffiti, as above which will be sewn onto one of the branches.

I have got measurements for the tree, but when i laid out the knitting and measured it, I did not allow for stretch...and there is a lot of that :) So tommorow i will sew up some squares for the branches but only half the measurements, the rest will be sewn on while at the tree.
Which will be 5.30 Friday 10th July. Lots of knitting ladies meeting by the tree..Tony will also be joining us with a ladder.. I have volunteered him to do the higher branches! He is actually very good at sewing. I have watched him sew hems on his trousers.. I am pretty rubbish at sewing so he did not ask me to do it :)
I laid out some of the squares in the garden (lawn not looking good!) to get an idea of how it will look, the trunk is roughly 41 " .
Can't wait to see it on the tree, everyone has worked really hard, including the neighbours.


  1. Gorgeous, Tamsyn! Really colourful, it will look lovely. I have a link on my blog post to some knitting graffitti in America. It looks so effective! x

  2. Hi tried posting on your blog, but it just dissapears..your blog looks amazing, love it x
    Did you see what the girls in london got up to yesterday ?

  3. Love that last picture, the tree looks great, can't wait to see it in situ.

    Sorry I couldn't make it last night, we've had car trouble.


  4. Your doing some fantastic work here, it looks really good in the picture. I have just started visiting your blog with interest. best wishes Julie.C

  5. Hi cath,
    Hope your car better soon :) we sewing it tonight hopefully the rain will stay off till after. It's going to look fab.

    hi Julie,
    welcome to my blog, and thankyou for the compliments :)