Saturday, 1 November 2008

The missing photos.

After Arthur saw his photo, and he took a few of his own he decided I should have a picture of him happy.

Thursday night knit and natter is going from strength to strength with new people joining each is a good job that not every one comes on the same Thursday or I may run out of space. Lady Pole from ravelry has joined us for the last two weeks and has brought with her a spinning wheel, so I was able to have a go ...not very succesfully I may add, I keep making the wheel go round the wrong way which is not a good idea. I did manage to produce a small amount of bobbly wool last week. This week Lady pole brought the wools she had spun using some of the merino wool from my shop I will post a pic later to show how beautiful it is.  The yarns she has made are amazing.

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