Wednesday, 19 November 2008


Tony had gone out playing I decided to take over the sitting room, in a nice tidy way and watch one of my favorite fims. The Mistress Of Spices, I love the colours and photography, the beautiful spices piled high in the shop, I would love a wool shop with a similar character. Instead I set up my buttons like they are spices and poured them into these sweet little bowls (which were really meant for the kitchen, whoops!).
I managed to sew all the buttons on my mobile phone socks while watching the film and enjoying a nice glass of wine. All very peaceful.

I have left the buttons in the bowls and put them in my workspace ready for making more button necklaces.


  1. Oooooh, so many lovely buttons, I just love buttons!!! Not obsessively, obviously!??
    Glad to have found you!!

  2. There's more to come! Not that I'm obsessed with buttons I just really neeeed them for my work! x