Wednesday, 5 November 2008

The grumps.

Well, everything went down hill after getting out of bed on Monday. We decide to visit Sherborne , Kate one of the knitters told me about Castle Garden Centre being full of xmas bits and said Arthur would love it. Also I thought I may find another Gallery to supply in Sherborne while we were out hmm. 
The Garden centre was amazing, I have never seen so much Xmas stuff in one place displayed brilliantly there were lots of rooms you walked through all with a different theme,  a large toy dog that looks real (and moves) by the fire place, penguins perched in the snow that were all moving, glitzy xmas with silver baubles and glass ornaments, and Arthurs favorite a room with a train track through the snow with little lit up houses..this is where I realised it was not going to be the best day! 
Arthur has been having Tantrums, really bad ones which take him ages to get out of the causes of which are unknown (hunger? tired?thirsty?) I try all cures. anyway he started getting grumpy so I immediatly thought he was hungry, so we went to the cafe where he refused to eat or drink (ill?) and just got stroppier and stroppier Tony tried hard to talk to him about other things (would distraction work?) I tried hard to get food into him! In the end i took him outside for a walk around. We then decided to venture into Sherborne, Arthur got cross getting in the car, getting out of the car and so it went on! We tried walking up the High Street, Arthur became a monster child shouting 'I don't love you any more!' and screaming at the top of his voice causing people to cross the road and give us hard stares (I had pmt so was quite paranoid!).  Also because I had pmt I had no patience and all my ways of dealing with screaming children had suddenly slipped from my mind and all I wanted to do was sit down and cry like Arthur (its my day off and I want to be out aaaah!) Which obviously didn't help the situation. Tony tried very hard to cheer us both up but in the end we abandoned ship and went home me with the dark gloomy grumps and Arthur screaming. Poor Tony! He only wanted a nice morning out.
I had the grumps for two days it's like  a dark cloud goes down over my brain and everthing becomes negative, I know it will pass but it doesn't help.  I also get this horrible monotone voice which scares the customers away and then moan that the takings are down. I can't add up and always want to do my bookwork while I'm in that state which is dumb I realise after.
Any way my cloud has lifted a bit, Arthur I know is just being two but it is very difficult and just wears us all down. I think it has a lot to do with the clocks going back and he is not having his normal sleep, also he was sleeping 2 hours a day (which I am missing a lot.) and using a dumby when he was tired, so I think a combination of all these things has given him the grumps.  But it doesn't make it any easier!!!!

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