Wednesday, 13 May 2009

A beautiful walk.

On Monday we went for a gorgeous walk, me and George went out Sunday night to take photo's and discovered the woods at Duncliffe  full of Blue bells.   It was getting dark by the time we got there so I just had to go back Monday morning and get some photo's before the weather changed.
Tony and Arthur came too, which was great because I was free to take photo's while Arthur chatted and chatted..
We went through a gate along the path towards the woods,
then we turned left across the field and up through a gap in the bushes,
onto a lovely bluebell lined path..

and on further into the woods,
I stopped to take in the beauty around me, such great colours. I love this time of year especially when the suns shining.
We followed tracks through the blue bells,
'this way daddy'  Arthur decided to lead the way and was loving being out with his dad.
Tony asked Arthur 'what black and white animal lived down the holes'  Arthur replied 'Zebras?'..
While they searched for zebras I got down to flower level,
back on the homeward stretch,

Chatter chatter... Arthur did not want to turn left back down the hill, he wanted the walk to carry on allllll dayyy :)  


  1. Lovely photos, Tamsyn! This time of year is wonderful, isn't it?! Nothing nicer than going for walks with little ones, especially later when they are worn out x

  2. It all looks so different from here, and so lovely! (Here is lovely also but in a very different way)

  3. Thanks Tina, tis wonderful and also lovely when the little ones are worn out and resting and theres time to grab a peaceful cup of tea :)
    Hi Angie, I bet it looks gorgeous where you are..with a little bit more sun? ;)

  4. lovely pics - arthur is sooo cute!

  5. Gorgeous pictures! Thank you SO much for the cupcake brooch and fabric that arrived this week, I'm just about to blog about it. I am desperate to visit your shop soon! I will have to get up extra early one morning so I can come in before work! Thank you again!
    Becky :-) x

  6. I'm glad you like them Becky, I'm sure we will meet up soon. x