Saturday, 2 May 2009

How lovely is this?

I love all this fabric that has just come in!  I've got masses of ideas of what i could make with it.
These little Russian dolls would look great just cut out and embellished onto things, they would look fab as fabric buttons, and brooches. There is also ribbon like this which i have yet to photograph.
I love the vintagey feel of these linen fabrics.  I am going to cover some boxes in this fabric and turn them into little sewing boxes

How fab would this fabric be for tables at craft and vintage fairs?  Though a little costly, it would be a great base to put things on and look amazing.

This would be lovely made into vintage style aprons or pinnys. I think I might cut up the little squares and use them as little patches, soooo cute!

This is obviously my favorite!  The cakes look good enough to eat, they would look great emebellished with little beads to look like hundreds and thousands.

More Russian dolls but a much bigger print such gorgeous colours.
I have now posted these onto my website, which is quite quick for me :)  Tony has taken Arthur out for the day and the shop has been fairly quiet so for once I have actually put the time to good use.
I am thinking of doing a Fat quarter giveaway watch this space :)


  1. oooh lovely fabrics!!!! and a giveaway - can't wait!!


  2. Gorgeous fabrics! I really love the vintagey one with the cards of thread on. Thanks for your comments over on my blog. Reckon I'll be packing the earplugs in future x