Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Abbey Hill Steam Fair.

Arthur had such a fab weekend, on Saturday there was a celebration of the railway station in Gillingham being open for 1oo years, with steam engines trundling down the high street and lots of model railways to look at.  Tony took Arthur out for the whole morning, then to a indoor play centre in the afternoon. (so I had a lovely peaceful Saturday.)
On Sunday we went to Abbey Hill Steam Rally, which was a great day out, its such a laid back little show with a friendly atmosphere and not too busy. Arthur is looking out of the trailer above which is towed by a steam roller...out onto the main road all around the showground and back in through another gate.  Arthur just went really really quiet but loved every minute.
Me and Arthur went off around the stalls while Tony looked at bikes,
'mmm should I get one like that next?'
'mmm or one like that'..this went on for an hour.
 while I managed to add to my button collection, finding two jars of buttons at 1.00 each ya!
Which are still unopened, I am saving them for when I need a bit of button therapy ;) 
Arthur added to his car collection (which is nearly as bad as my buttons). So every one was happy!  Tony then took Harry and Arthur to watch the stockcar racing on Monday, so I had a very peaceful weekend.....think Tony is still recovering from all that running around though :)

Today I am going to do some photographs,  in order to update folksy, etsy and my website.   


  1. How on earth have you managed to restrain yourself from exploring those jars of buttons! Glad you had such a lovely weekend. Looks like fun x

  2. mmm.. it has been difficult ;) I have filled up my evenings with painting, I have a commision to finish by friday and I am saving them till i've finished...I did have a sort through a big box of buttons on Tuesday so I have had a little button therapy this week. x

  3. Just found your lovely blog and thought I'd stop and say hi !

  4. Hi Clare, thanks for popping by, I have just peaked at your lovely blog, amazing granny squares! and gorgeous patterns :)