Saturday, 18 April 2009

egg cosies are not just for Easter..

I hope!  I made these cute egg cosies before Easter and put some on Folksy. 
I,ve also been making summer socks for mobile phones (no heels involved!).
These colourful ones i did not put on as I took the wrong style pics, I forgot that I needed to do them square. I will be taking pics again next week when Arthur is at nursery.

I was doing these in vintagey (not sure if thats a real word?) colours, with lovely fabric vintage buttons. I managed to put a couple of these on Folksy.
So next week i will be adding lots more on Etsy and folksy, because I will have lots more time..Arthur starts nursery 4 mornings a week yay!


  1. love the little egg cosies - soo cute! i bet Arthur is well excited about nursery! hope to see you soon. crochet need some help!


  2. Thanks..will teach you how to make the egg cosies. As well as whatever you are working on, start of the granny square looked good?Any time next week should be fine. Arthur loves nursery and had a trial 3 day before easter. Think it will be great for him. x