Monday, 20 April 2009

Colours of spring.

This is my summer hat I crocheted while on Holiday, not photographed very well, I need to get one of the boys to take a picture of me in it.  I like it but I am going to try and make the next one much more 'bucket like'. More like the old cloche hats.  It has been made using the Adriafil memphis cotton from my shop.  I was going to do a link to my website (now I have learn't how to do this.) but have just looked and I have not yet added the plain cottons...a week of photography coming up I think!
This is bunting i am knitting to show off the sock yarns I have just got in, I don't think any one could imagine how the ball of wool will knit up without seeing it. The long bit is the cord to hang the bunting from ( I think it would look great as a skinny scarf.) I will add felt balls and possibly buttons to the finished bunting.
My pile of finished triangles. I love the colours.
I have spent the last two days still in holiday mode. Sunday we went for a walk along the disused rail track at Sturminster Newton, Arthur rode his bike by himself for the first time and absolutly loved the freedom. It is a lovely place to walk, a nice safe path in the middle of beautiful countryside.
Today I took Arthur and Harry out with my Mum to Brokers wood .
We had a lovely picnic by the lake, and Harry ran off with Arthur so Mum and me were able to take some pictures.  It really felt like spring.
Harry and Arthur on the flying fox.

We saw wild orchids, bluebells, and violets, a brilliant time to walk in the woods.
The bluebells were just starting to come out, but I'm glad I got some pictures.  The last couple of years when they have been out it has constantly poured with rain.
The blossom looks beautifull every where. Back to work tommorow. :(


  1. lovely pics - its been a beautiful day today - i love your hat - is that my next tutorial - haha!!!!

  2. Oh yes.. you will be making one of these after your egg cosie tutorial! ;) I know you can do it! I bet its great going out on the horses at the moment, specially early morning?