Thursday, 23 April 2009

Back to work.

I had a lovely delivery of Jewellery Tuesday and have been busy changing my whole cabinet, which now looks very flowery, and organised....another delivery of Pearls and Girls jewellery is due in any day, and really there is not much space left for it. I think I need a rush of customers, always the optimist :)  Today i am going to finish these brooches just need to add butons and beads.
I really should be doing a whole shop stock take :( but keep getting side tracked as usual..there are much more fun things to do, counting is boring!  I have started though..slowly slowly, I have found Items that no longer go well in with the constantly changing stock, so next week I am going to have a photography week, and update my shops on Folksy and Etsy (with new bits) and have a sale on e-bay (with old bits).  While doing the link to my Etsy shop I realised how long it is since i updated it, poor shop.  
These are some of my button brooches using some of my huge stash of Vintage buttons, I have been teaching people how to make these and button hearts as well as jewellery as part of the new button workshop.
I thought I would share a couple of my favorite cards with you, these are by Pulp, and I have a great range of them in my shop.
Der.. think that might be me ;0

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  1. oooh the jewellery cabinet looks great - don't know if i'll be able to restrain myself when i'm next in. that last card reminds me of someone - oh, me, first thing in the morning!!!