Friday, 4 June 2010

phew we made it!

A little glimpse into the new Tamsyn G shop. Which at the start I was slightly worried we would get finished in time. Before it got to the state below I had to empty it out of all the prints and paintings that we stored in there when we moved house, these are now hidden in what will be my workroom in the house.. so another job for later. There will be a sign above the shop and the circles either side of the sign..will be painted to look like buttons :)
I had been planning and measuring for the past 4 weeks, and was amazed to find I was nearly right about where things wopuld go, luckily I have Tony . If I had got my measurements slightly out he would magically make the cupboards fit.

The cupboards above needed a fair bit of tweeking, like little wedges cut out and the bottom bit cut off as well as the middle shelf being cut in half, but made to look like its always been like that, so much so that when my friends came in they said 'wow Tamsyn your measurements were right those cupboards fit perfectly' which made me cry with laughter!
The above little corner makes me smile everytime I see it, I had been saving these little cupboards and printers tray for the new shop but had not really worked out how they would look, me and Kate said where they should go as Tony magically fixed them in place.
Perfect for all the vintage Haberdashery :)
The view out with the perfectly fitting shelves completely stacked up! That was the other strange thing, it looks like I have lots of new yummy stock but is virtually the same as before.
I love the layout of the shop, this is the backroom with all the yarns and making bits.
The jewellery cabinets did fit perfectly into there little space by the slope leading to the backroom.

We opened on Thursday and I am sure it will be a welcome addition to Wincanton, people will slowly find week will be full of promotion and getting leaflets printed to spread the word.
We managed (just) to go for a picnic at Bullbarrow Hill which we can see from our house, it was very funny trying to work out the hills in the distance and look back towards Wincanton. I just sat still for half an hour resting my tired legs, but the guys had a great runaround.
and climbed a tree! including Tony. I tried not to tell them to be careful!

I hope you've all had a fab week, I hope to catch up with everyone's blog over the next few weeks and will have more time to do mine to. x


  1. All looking lovely - wishing you lots of luck with the move. I'm sure the balance of work and home will be perfect! Will definately make it over and come and say hello! Will check that you're open before I do!

  2. The shop is looking so very yummy, think I may have to work out a way to get near on our summer holiday (building work allowing)! Good luck with all the publicity, am sure once people find you they'll be hooked :-)

  3. the window looks brilliant and the shop just looks gorgeous!!!

  4. Hi Tamsyn

    So pleased for you - it looks lovely. Just remind me what days you are open. I'll try and come over this week if possible.

    Sue xx

  5. Thankyou for your lovely comments :)

    Daisie we are adjacent to the 303 if that helps with your planning ;) good luck with the building, hope it goes to plan x

    Sue we are open wed, thurs and Friday 9.30 to 5 look forward to seeing you :) x

  6. Hi Tamsyn,
    The new shop looks lovely, well done for getting it set up so quickly. Hope to get up to Wincanton to see it soon.

  7. Wow!! It looks fabulous :) If we are ever down that way in Bumble then we will have to pop in!

  8. Tamsyn it looks fantastic, well done you. I wish you lots of success in your new shop premises xxx