Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Summer is...

Collecting Potatoes we've grown in the garden, Arthur was so excited we had to cook them immediately.
Jumping waves. we went down to Poole on Monday afternoon for a picnic lunch by the sea, a really special afternoon :)
Watching Balloons pass by on a summer evening..

Setting up a carboot stall in the sun, Arthur did his while I set mine up with a lot of shop stuff I no longer wanted, we both did really well. There was not much vintage bits around I only bought a few buttons..which meant I just brought home some money for a change!
I hope you've all been enjoying the gorgeous sunshine too :)

My blog has got very colourful which I like, but would like the background to be more transparent (I have pressed the transparent button but it does not seem to work) If any one knows how to do this or put solid colour behind the links please let me know. Thanks x


  1. your new background looks great!! looks like you've been busy - i hope to pop over next week - last two weeks have been a bit hectic!!!