Monday, 7 June 2010

Frome Artisan Market

It was a fab day at Frome Artisan Market, full of wonderful colour and lots of people dressed up for the occasion. I only had 5 minutes to pop up the hill while a friend watched my stall.

While sorting these pictures I realised I know the lady who was on the mirror stall, we had met a couple of weeks ago in my Gillingham shop, there was no time for me to stop and natter to anyone and it was quite packed by the time I got to the top.
This was my stall out on the entrance to the hill, which was great as I hadn't thought the plan through for being further up the hill on a slope, the two boxes I used to put all my bits on infront of the table have wheels great for getting to my pitch, not so great on a slope lol ;)
There was lots going on with Bands and punch and Judy happening on Cheap Street for a family day.
Tony and Arthur came over at 12, brought me lunch and went off to watch what was going on.

Arthur had great fun dancing to the steel band and really enjoyed Punch and Judy and the Puppet dancing.

This group decided to perform right infront of my stall

not sure what it was about, they had cucumbers instead of battons and ballons instead of bells..
and really terrible outfits,

Not a good look!! I took quite a few photo's as they were performing this one in particular I regret taking do look away if your squeamish . Very bad look.
They were called the Saturday Afternoon Theatre group in case you'd like to book them ha ha ha! :)


  1. looks fun! love the photo's of Arthur with the graffiti heart they're fantastic!

  2. Looks really good fun! Your stall looks lovely....

  3. so glad you had a lovely day - those pics of Arthur are just brilliant! Not sure i'd book that particular theatre group tho!!!!!lol!!!