Monday, 24 May 2010

New Look, new start.

I am getting very excited about the move to our new shop. On the 29th of May we are closing the Gillingham shop and moving it to 59 High Street Wincanton. It will have a new look and new direction.  With the emphasis on Recycle, reuse and reinvent. I will be mixing vintage with Handmade (which I have been doing gradually in Gillingham over the last year or so), but there will not be the bought in products from India ,  I will be buying off  British crafts people, locally and across the country.
Kate from Magpie (often seen at the Anonymous Travelling Market) is going to put her gorgeous work in the shop and also help out on a Friday.  Kate makes beautiful things from vintage fabrics and reworks linen tablecloths etc into egg cosies and bags.  She also has a 'magpies' eye for china and little vintage finds.
Maria from 'Just Sew' will be supplying the shop with bunting and appliqued pictures.
There will also be the lovely pottery from Karen Harrison, often seen exhibiting across the country.
Mixed in with fabrics, vintage and new, vintage making books (if I can manage to part with 
them. ), ribbons, 

Vintage buttons as well as ceramic and modern (as you know I am a buttonholic.) Vintage haberdashery,
Little vintage luckydip packs,
and I am going to rework these fantastic vintage knitting patterns, for the shop and the website.
Don't you just love them :)...or is it just me???
There will also be a large amount of my handmade bits, made from recycling jumpers and buttons. As well as my paintings and photography.

The website will get a lot more of my attention and I will gradually get all of the stock on there.
Just a few of my handmade brooches and necklaces.

So quite a packed shop really!!!
We are only going to open 3 days a week, Wed, Thurs, and Friday.

When sitting down with Tony to discuss the new venture we realised we had not had a weekend together for 6 years!, and also George and Harry will be leaving school from July , George will be going to Falmouth Art college in September and Harry may be joining the army ( he has to have a medical in June and then we'l know more.) So it will be amazing for me to be at home more and around for all the boys through the summer. (I may spend a bit of time making in the sunshine..but I will be around!)

From September when Arthur starts school I am looking forward to going back to supplying Galleries and having the excuse to visit different towns (some of which may be by the sea lol)

It all sounds great doesn't it, I am very lucky that I have Tony to support and encourage me, We all are actually!  ( more than words can say) I am hoping that I can give the same back over the next few years as he embarks on putting all his ideas into action.


  1. Hi Tamsyn

    Brilliant news. So, I'll come to Wincanton as I won't get to Gillingham (and it's a wee bit nearer for me to get to from home!!). Just make sure you get some flyers ready for me to put out at Dairy House.

    Putting your ideas into practice is going to make a lovely shop. Will you still be doing your courses etc?

    Good luck with everything!

    Sue xx

  2. It sounds fantastic! Good luck!

  3. Wow that all sounds so new and excitng for the whole family! What a year.

  4. It looks great, good luck with everything

  5. Thankyou for all your lovely comments :)

    Sue, we will be having an opening party in a couple of weeks (giving me time to tweek it into perfection) possibly a vintage tea party theme..will let you know details soon.
    I will be doing craft parties and then workshops from the house from Sept. So all very exciting. x

  6. i can't wait to see the shop filled with such lovely goodies - thank you for mentioning me - am going to be very busy this weekend sewing!!!

  7. Tamsyn your plans sound wonderful and I wish you all the luck in the world with it. I am sure it will be a great success, with your flair and hard work and you will also get time off to be with the boys and have some time to yourself.

    D x

  8. Sounds great, I really hope it works out for you!