Monday, 17 May 2010

over the rainbow

Yesterday was full of storms, torrential rain caught me and Arthur out when we walked into town to get a paper..sunny when we started a down pour when we came out. We huddled under cover and waited for it to slow down so we could walk back up the hill. I turned to Arthur and said "I bet your Daddy will come out looking for us", turned around and there was Tony, bless. :)
Then when it cleared (after an hour!) this amazing rainbow appeared the first we had seen from this house, and how amazing to see the whole rainbow over the landscape. I could not fit it all in the picture.
Today was beautiful and sunny and we decided to make the most of it and go for a picnic.
In this meadow next to the river.
Arthur loved it, and spent the time running around and worshipping dandelions ;)
With a special dance..

One happy boy :) then he had lots of races first with me then Tony. (I don't know why the writing is coming out blue and underlined! must have pressed the wrong button somewhere?)

When we got back we spent some time in the garden, this is my new flower border , sweetpeas,borage,marigolds,nasterciums (can't spell),poppys and lots of other seeds I can't remember.
There are some gorgeous blossoms and lots of old cottage plants appearing now.

and my nettle crop at the bottom of the garden, we have had nettle soup which was dellicous and I'm tempted to try the nettle beer that Norfolk Kitchen has had a go at before Tony takes the strimmer to them.
All in all a fab weekend :) X


  1. your garden is looking gorgeous - lovely pics!

  2. Lovely photo's....makes me think we must make time for a picnic more.