Saturday, 11 July 2009

A little bit of Yarn Bombing..

The knitting went on the tree really well, Kate, Else and Gill turned up to help and Joyce my neighbour came along at the end to check out the tree she had made some gorgeous multicoloured bits to go on the tree.

I had sewn the main body of the tree ealier in the week and realising how much it stretched made it much smaller than the measurements I had, it worked really well.

Next we added some of the other squares and rectangles, as well as some of the bits I had previously sewn together. Arthur came along to help too.

I was glad Tony joined us, he was great at climbing the tree!  He has requested a knitted belt to hold his tools on the next yarn bomb :)

Well as usual the pictures have not gone exactly where i want them!
I love Cath's (aka snowbdrift) it of embroidery on her knitting it looks fab on the branch.
Arthur must be one of the youngest yarn bombers in the world..he really got stuck in and decided to decorate the tree with all the bits of yarn he had cut up.

Every one really enjoyed the sewing up, and apart from the teengae girls sat on the wall no one took any notice of us! 
It was lovely and calm as the tree got covered and the rain stayed off.
Else took lots of photos so i may be adding a few more on the next blog....I don't think I did much of the sewing on the tree by the look of it ;0
'Right lets get outa here'  Arthur practising for a quick get away ;) the next time we yarn bomb
we be in a better known spot, we do have some ideas for a winter yarn bomb which we talked about last year. This year I think the knitting group will feel a bit more confident that it can happen.  
I think it looks great, and will get a picture of it when the sun comes out, I am dying to know what Gillingham residents think.
I went to get Arthur a pizza after we finished and there was an absolute down pour!! We finished just in time.
A huge huge thankyou to all the ladies who helped with this, including Maria( aka Wonder woman not), Bridgette, Sandra, Roz, Alice (aka Ladypole on Ravelery), and Jo as well as the girls mentioned above and Tony and Arthur and all the other knitters who have helped over the last 3 months :)


  1. That has not come out any where near what it looked like when I wrote it..think i need some lessons!

  2. So this is yarn bombing! I love how the little boy got into it. And it looks so cheerful! Good job!

  3. It looks wonderful, Tamsyn! Well done. Really pretty! Makes me want to run to it & hug it x

  4. wow Tamsyn it looks absolutely brilliant and am so sorry i wasn't able to come and help put it all up.
    will see you tues and will bring a camera!.


  5. I saw this today and figured ithad something to do with you guys!

  6. I think it is an amazing idea! I'm sure when people in your community think of knitting, they will think of you! Please keep us posted about what the people are saying!

  7. very cool...would just love to visit your shop one day..I could spend hrs in it...just my cup of tea:-)
    Take care,

  8. So, so, sooo amazing and inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

  9. thanks for the comments guys, its very encouraging. Am still waiting to here what people in Gillingham think, I have had stripey knitted tree socks on my Bay trees outside my shop for over a year, so they must have become accustomed to it now ;) It was such great fun working with the knitters on this project :)

  10. love, love, love your tree. I not only think it looks beautiful but love everything it represents.

  11. It looks great! We live opposite a park and the trees would look great if they were yarn bombed!