Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Happy Day!!

I had a lovely day off on Monday, we decided to go to Lyme Regis whatever the weather. It was very grey when we left and even when we got there, but first stop was our favorite cafe for lunch so it didn't matter that it was raining.
This is the Bakers at Lyme Regis.  They have long tables and benches, I remember taking Arthur when he just started to walk and he just went up and down the benches holding onto them...now look at him. Straight in there with his apple juice. They have big jugs of milk, butter and jam out on the tables and you just go up and help yourselves and tell them what you've had at the end. 
We sit down and just feel ourselves relaxing, the food is always delicious. 
When we got to the beach, the clouds stayed behind us and we had blue sky for four hours..bliss
Not sure who was enjoying making sandcastles most ?

Arthur bought his big hat at Lyme Regis when we were on holiday earlier in the year and has not taken it off!

A beautiful day, I also knitted all the way down and back so have a few mobile phone socks to finish now :)


  1. I love Arthur's hat!! he looks soo cute. i think everyone loves making sandcastles.


  2. Hi Tamsyn

    What a lovely day. One of my favourite places, regardless of the weather!

    Sue x