Thursday, 22 January 2009

What to do today.

It's been a mad busy week.  I went to a trade show in London on my own on Sunday which was bliss!  Met up with some old faces and spent the day yakking.  I also ordered quite a bit of new stock. There was some lovely things there and I have lots of things I'd like to order too!  
On the train I managed to make about 12 crochet flowers ( I am making some rings) and write lots of notes and plans.
I have since put some of those plans into action and spent Tuesday taking photographs for our new kits and to go online.....I have soooo much more to photograph and thats my dilemma today.
I have some orders to do making button necklaces and brooches, I did manage to make 5 necklaces yesterday so its a start. I am making on the dining table so keep having to move, I do have a work space but I keep filling it up so that you can no longer see the surface! (my plan is to use the table in the shop when the sale ends.) I don't really have to move till 7 0 clock so thats not really a good enough excuse! The shop was fairly busy which is really good, and Arthur wanted to play. I also spent quite a bit of time online.  Anyway back to today...

I think photographs first while Arthur is at nursery. I would like to start putting my stock on the website.
There is a photographer coming to take my pic for a local paper after I may need to tidy up a bit.
Then this afternoon finish the button necklaces I have done so that I can give them to Jenni if she comes to knit and Natter tonight...aaah clear the table and get ready for that.
Well I think that will do for today!!   

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