Saturday, 21 February 2009

Catching up!

The gaps of me writing are getting so long I keep forgetting my passwords! I have forgotton Flickr too. next week will be the week of catching up.  I am supposed to be doing the website now.. all the pics are set so it is just lots of writing and posting pics.  It takes so long from taking photo's to posting them that by the time there on my website there is none left. I do try not to repeat too many things as it keeps the shop fresh and stops me from getting bored (there really is no time to be bored though!).
I have lots to tell and lots of pics to put on here, but I will be good and go and do some work, if I can remember my password till the end of the day I will post pics while having a coffee and cake..need to keep the sugar and caffeine levels up it may help with my concentration.

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