Thursday, 15 January 2009

It's been soooo long!

I can't believe it was november the last time I wrote anything.  I did get a little busy! Trying to make orders for shops, Etsy and Folksy as well as running my shop which had masses of customers to chat to (thats really where a lot of time goes.) and also musn't forget entertaining Arthur.
It has really calmed down now, but only just. I had a fab family xmas and new year, and got lovely pressies to play with from Tony. One was a ball winder great for making small balls to go in the kits I'm designing, and fantastic for using up wool. 

I have been making magic balls of wool (which will be for sale as a kit very soon) using masses of colours, glittery and bobbly wools inbetween, they look gorgeous just as they are, but knitted up they are great. I am just getting back to photography so there will be more pics soon.  I think we need to wear really cheerful clothes this year to ward off the grumps.
I am going to add crochet flowers, buttons and tassles using every colour possible.

I also got an Embellisher, I am very lucky!  I have yet to really experiment with it but above are some of the brooches I made using recycled fabrics and odd bits of yarn.  
I have been collecting masses of buttons fabric and clothes to recycle, so whatever happens this year I will be having fun.

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