Monday, 19 January 2009

Saturday Workshop.

I held a needlefelting workshop on Saturday.  For once I was organised the day before, so there wasn't the mad panic an hour before (which the family was glad about!).  With the shop attatched to the house if I start getting stressed (I do sometimes.) it can rub off onto everyone else.  Tony was best Dad and took Arthur out to a play centre with his best little friend (Arthurs not Tony's :) until after 1. 0 clock so that was great and very peaceful.  

I'm always a bit nervous before hand but I shouldn't have worried.  The morning was a great success with everyone going home with a stash of things they'd made. I fill the table with beads and findings so that people can take home a finished item.

Jaqueline and Claire were so proud of there brooches they wore them home, and also enjoyed the workshop so much they have booked to come on the 'Make Do And Mend' on the 7th Febuary.  I think there is only one place remaining on that workshop so thats really good!

Above are more bits that were produced on the day. I was threatening to pinch some of the ideas! It is really good inspiration for me seeing what people make and the ideas that spin off that. I had a great morning and really it felt like a morning off.

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