Sunday, 4 April 2010

Happy Day :)

Easter morning the Easter bunny visited the garden...really! was quite difficult though as Arthur was looking out all the time from 6.30. It was only when I woke George and Harry could we distract him. He went into Georges room to watch Dr who on the computor. We actually all watched it together last night, a nice family moment.
Eggs were hidden and sweets hung from the trees.
Arthur was out on the patio waiting for his big brothers...
Who were very useful when it came to reach for the sweets, that bunny must have jumped high lol :)
The most amazing thing I thought was the sun shining after a couple of weeks of grey and rain.
Tony discovered this cheeky gnome the other day while digging the veg patch.
'thanks for guarding the eggs'
At the bottom of the garden they made a big discovery..
Arthur was so excited that the bunny knew he liked cars and had put a mini with his egg.
The boys wanted a video of Arthur with all the eggs...they were not all for him, and amazingly none were eaten as they collected them. Tony actually slipped up on the way down the garden..he went flying, it was one of those slow motion moments when you realise there is nothing you can do to stop the fall. Luckily not to injured, camera went flying through the air and landed in a tree, hopefully it is ok.
Breakfast was boiled eggs which everyone decorated, apparently thats my egg with the purple hair, (which is the colour I have gone after not finding bright red in Gillingham hee hee)
The morning was topped off with hot chocolate in George and Harry's new mugs :)

It felt very special to have the family all together, we had a nice meal last night too when Arthur was in bed, great to talk to the teenagers as they are so often hiding in there rooms, and so soon will be starting there journey's into adult hood. George got into Falmouth rto do his Art Foundation with an unconditional place. Ya!!! and Harry is having his army fitness test next week. I treasure these moments they are so precious and it so nice to be able to record it in this way. The teenagers have gone to there Dads in Bath so its a peaceful couple of days to follow :)

I hope you had a fab day too!


  1. wow what a great day - its soo lovely to have the family altogether - as they get older it seems to happen less and less, so that makes it all the more special.


  2. What gorgeous pictures! That hot chocolate looks especially delicious. Glad you had a special time with your family this weekend, look forward to seeing you soon!
    Becky :-)

  3. What a lovely post, Tamsyn! Lovely to have such special times &, as you say, to record it all too.
    Hoping to pop over this morning, so may see you in a bit! x