Monday, 12 April 2010

The Dairy House and The Artisan Market

This is the Liz's (washerwoman) little corner..and behind me is all her gorgeous vintage clothes and lots more fabric I only managed to get this pic before she got lost under a sea of fabric, her space was packed all morning, was amazing how she kept going!

I have been out and about since my last blog. On Sunday I was lucky enough to be at the first Dairy House Vintage Costume and Textile Fair.
Just as everyone had finished setting up the crowds poured in! The picture above was taken just before 10 after that you could not see the stalls for the rest of the morning.
This is the lovely Donna Flower's stall she has the most amazing vintage fabrics from 19th century to 80's and beyond. I loved the childrens vintage fabrics made me go all nostalgic.
These pics are a little glimpse of what was there, apart from the stalls outside the Dairyhouse is packed with little collections from a variety of dealers..vintage heaven!
Above is Sue's corner as you go in the door there are drawers to search through full of buttons and fabrics along with haberdashery and lace..some of my friends have been known to go missing in there for hours! I loved the Mannequins that Sue has covered with vintage fabrics, excellent way of showing off her crocheted button necklaces and lace :)
More glimpses of little corners..
This was my little corner I took this pic at the end of the day, the display had been a bit destroyed ;) I had a great day sitting making button necklaces and actually sold one of the pearl button ones before I had finished it. People could sit down and learn how to make brooches and necklaces from buttons. I am very grateful to Sue for inviting me to be part of the Fair. I had a fab day and feel really inspired to carry on making and teaching :)
The Dairy House is also packed with some lovely furniture..think the above would look great on our patio..
Last Sunday we went to the Artisan Market in Catherine Hill Frome. I am hoping to do the next one and wanted to see how everyone balanced on the Hill and get an idea of how I would set my stand up. It is full of designers and makers a fab atmosphere and some delicous cakes..which kept Arthur happy :)
The shops on the Hill are all open as well, great if you also like making Millie Moon stocked with scrumptious fabrics and yummy coloured buttons. Make Do and Mend full of Vintage bits.
It felt a bit like Portabella Market, I am looking forward to being part of it :)
The shops are all independents so if you like a bit of individuality its well worth a visit :)

Reading through I notice I have missed a lovely pic of the Washer womans stall I will add it later as Arthur is demanding breakfast!


  1. Wow! It looks like I missed a real cracker of a day! Totally forgot it was on, though just as well as money is a little short at the mo! You most definately must carry on teaching, you are a fabulous & inspiring teacher! x

  2. The Dairyhouse looks just like my kind of place...oh I wish I lived closer! Good luck with the artisan market. Rebecca x

  3. looks like you had an amazing day - wish i could have been there - still, next time!!


  4. Hello Tamsyn.. Lovely to meet you at the fair..and put a face to your name. Also nice to be able to chat rather than a few lines on twitter..
    It was a lovely event and hope to see you again at one of the many fairs taking place this year.


  5. Thankyou for your lovely comments :)

    Was lovely to meet you to Michelle :)

  6. Hello lovely. I don't know why but I didn't know you had a blog too :-)

    What a great day we had and the Artisan's market at Frome looked wonderful. I need to visit Frome one day, it looks so lovely.