Thursday, 18 March 2010

Discovering the Garden

Over the past couple of weeks while it has been dry, we have tried to get in the garden as much as possible, it is amazing now to go home after work and spend an hour digging and clearing. Discovering what lies beneath all the ivy.

I have cleared quite a bit from the terraces, but have not managed to get all the ivy off and the grass at the top seems to be stuck right in.  We are starting to get a feel of what the garden was like though, well the structure anyway.  I have been trying to find some pictures of a similar garden in the 20's or 30's but have not had much luck.  
I was so pleased to find the bulbs all coming through when I cleared the ivy off the right hand bit of the steps, I'm thinking they may be tulips?

Me and Tony were trying to decide what to do with this section.  We were thinking the borders need to be dug up and the shrubs cut right down, maybe planting cottage garden flowers and having  a little walk through them.

As I started to dig I discovered some stones under a thin layer of grass so I started clearing more and more to find a lovely stone path just where we had walked.
My hands were hurting and arms aching when I got to this point, I did try carrying on the next day but didn't have the strength.
Whoops I left a mess;) Tony is clearing all the grass I dug up while I'm making another tea.
The first section is nearly finished..just got to grow all the plants to go in the border :) Arthur will be having a little shed?playhouse there.
The view from the balcony is getting better, but still a long way to go.
I finished the path last night and did take a picture but for got to bring the camera to work, so will add it later. 
Can't wait for some seeds to grow, that will be the next project.


  1. It must be lovely discovering new things underneath. I will send my hens round, they will clear it in no time !!
    Best wishes

  2. wow its looking amazing!! I'm sure all your hardwork will soon be worthwhile - roll on the summer!!
    Hope to see you tues.


  3. WoW! You have worked so hard & cleared so much of it Tamsyn! It's looking lovely, trust you to discover a 'vintage' garden hiding underneath!lol x

  4. Thanks for lovely comments, hens would be very useful! and would be fun finding the eggs:)
    Look forward to seeing u tues have missed ya Maria X
    Tina that made me laugh! wandering if should get a metal detector see what else is at the bottom of the garden :)