Sunday, 14 March 2010

Spring is in the air!

I awoke early this morning and was lucky enough to see this very misty sunny start to the day:)
Really I should have stayed in bed as it was Mothers day, but Georges alarm was going off at 6.30 which woke me up. Once everyone else woke up I was sent back to bed with a Croissant and a magazine:)
As it was such a lovely day i persuaded George to come for a walk with me and Athur, Tony and Harry went off to a rugby match in Wareham. Just outside Wincanton is Penselwood which is a short walk from a nature reserve. The Crocuses were out in full bloom a beautiful sight.
The walk down to the woods was full of snowdrops another gorgeous sight:)
I can't remember the last time I went for a walk with George he's usually off skateboarding. It will not be long before he's off to university..infact he's waiting to see if he got into Falmouth to do a foundation. He is quite stressed not knowing and it has been 2 loong weeks since the interview.
The boys got to the nature reserve before me, I was taking photo's of the flowers with cry's of 'Mummy look what we've found' cutting through the silence ;)
They went into a bird hide then ran off following the map Arthur had picked up at the gate.
We plan to have a picnic here next time.
we went past the lake and up into the woods.
A few more signs that spring is here at last!
Arthurr wanted to go 'into the dark' so George took him and played hide and seek and throwing sticks.
I sat down while they climbed what was an Ancient Hill Fort.
Arthur did amazingly well, if I had gone on my own we would not have gone so far, I gave him a few piggy backs and George gave him a few carry's.
Arthur loves watching George do stunts and is trying to work out how he can do it! Usually I am in the background saying don't show him that! But if I have my camera I am to busy taking photo's lol.
Arthur had a go
then got a little help from his big brother.
he soon got his strength back, I was not running at this stage..but realising how long it had been since I went for a long walk. The picture above will become a painting eventually, I love the feeling of freedom the boys have as they run off :)
Stopping to look at a ladybird.
and finally back to the van, with a promise of a hot chocolate and one of my special Mothersday chocolates when we get home.

We have just finished a takeaway curry that Tony got so that I didn't cook, so a perfect end to the day :)
A Happy Mothers Day to all you very special Mums :)


  1. what a lovely day you had and some absolutely gorgeous photos.


  2. thankyou both, I hope u to had good Mothers day :)
    I have finally worked out my new camera I got for xmas Maria..well i pressed some buttons and it seemed to focus better lol

  3. That is a heart melting sight, seeing them together! Aaww! x

  4. This looks lovely, despite the damp, we're off to investigate it today!