Sunday, 21 February 2010

half term and a bit of crafting :)

I can't believe half term is over already, the week went really fast. We managed to start on the garden. Clearing flower beds and Tony went around with the strimmer finding new paths and underneath all the overgrown grass and ivy there is a lovely garden just waiting for a bit of TLC. Me and Arthur bought masses of seeds and having been saving all the plastic containers that food is packaged in to use as seed trays. As soon as it warms up a bit we will cover the balcony in seeds which will hopefully grow so that we can fill up the flower beds :)
We visited the Tank museum with Harry and Arthur. Arthur refused to look at any tank until he had had a proper look at this one, which he thought was a police tank. He spotted it from the cafe which over looked this hanger of tanks.
Harry had a try on of the uniform, which brought a tear to mine and tony's eyes..cause he is applying to join the army at the moment. Quite scary but its what he'd like to do. Its going to be a huge adventure.
We managed to get to the beach to, very cold but so nice to breath in the sea air. We had a picnic in the van with the roof up, Harry and Arthur sat up the top and had great fun :)
I have been working hard since xmas and making lots of new things. I have discovered 'my thing' which is freeform crochet. The necklace above is a dorset button (made during one of the workshops in my shop) which I have crocheted around and then done a length of freeform crochet with beads for the necklace.
Then I started on this bag, you can make lots of little bits of crochet then crochet them together filling in the gaps as you go...
and then crochet over the top and down the sides and turn it around add another colour
and keep adding more until you get to a shape you like. I was aiming for a bag shape.
This is the result. I love the fact that you can use all sorts of yarns together, thin ones to make a warp that you can weave the thicker ones into and fluffy ones for texture...very handy having a shop full of yarn to experiment with :) I am very lucky ! I am going to have lots of fun designing with this method of crochet.
George went for his interview to Falmouth during half term, he's not really sure how it went. He worked so hard getting his portfolio together, fingers crossed he will get in. I am very confident he will, the worst thing is waiting 2 weeks to find out :(


  1. Hi Tamsyn

    A productive week all round. Fingers crossed for George. A long 2 weeks ...

    Sue x

  2. wow it looks like you've been well busy!! love the bag! Hope to see you sometime this week!