Monday, 4 January 2010

Happy Christmas Holidays :)

We had a lovely relaxed xmas, really just hibernated! Xmas Eve we had our main dinner as the older boys were off to see there dad and uncles and aunts on Xmas day.
Father Christmas always drops a present from his sleigh on Christmas eve ;) Arthur was very Happy with his transformer, he had put out some special sparkley food for the Reindeer earlier in the day, and made it into an x marks the spot, and amazingly thats where the presents were found. In the dark, Tony had to shine a torch on the garden from the balcony, which got Arthur very excited.
Xmas morning Tony was busy cooking a lovely big breakfast while the boys enjoyed hot choc and squirtey cream, mmm.
There have been some amazing sunrises over the xmas hols, beautiful colours..but very coooold!
When the frost cleared on xmas day it was amazingly warm in our garden, I managed to have a lovely couple of hours knitting and reading mags in the sun, it felt like a real holiday :)
Tony enjoyed the peace in the dining room, with sun streaming through the windows :)

We had Tony's family around for New years Eve and it made the house really start to feel like home :) I cooked a huge indian feast and gave the dining room a Bollywood feel Lol ;) I really enjoyed cooking for everyone and must get back to having people round for dinner in the New Year, it would be great to be sociable again.
New Years Eve went with a bang, we all watched fireworks going off across the Blackmore Vale it was lovely .
New Years Day I started as I mean to go on, I am aiming to do a 5 minute sketch or watercolour a day of the sky and landscape outside my window, and will aim to get back to painting and hold an exhibition before the end of the year, which will include photographs and large paintings.
Wishing you all a fantastic New year and Hoping that all your wishes for the next year come true X X


  1. That looks to have been a lovely Christmas, picture perfect!

    And that view... OH! If ever there's another house with that view for sale on your street, send me a PM quick, won't you? That view is worth a move across the Atlantic!

  2. looks like you had a brilliant time which after all your hard work you thoroughly deserved!!
    on the painting front, hope you have not forgotten your promise - no pressure!!
    see you soon.


  3. Found you again ! Slow on the uptake as always I didn't look here .
    Your New Year looks gorgeous .An Indian feast is such a good idea after all that turkey etc.
    As for your Christmas sunbathe . We've been under snow so long here , the very idea of daylight is exotic enough to make me squeal !

  4. What a lovely time you all had in your new home. So pleased to read that you plan to start painting again!

    Sue x