Sunday, 18 October 2009

Moving House

Well the move is well under way, and I am feeling amazingly calm. I have been slowly clearing since July, though there is still masses left to do I think it is achievable by Friday 23rd Oct.
We are having a major shop refit today, clearing the back room in the shop at the moment full of wool and clothes, andf putting it in the front of the shop..I have a good plan and think the shop will look fab when it is finished. 
My major stash of fabrics, buttons,beads and vintage books are being moved into the back room which will become my workspace and a place Arthur can relax after Nursery. A whole little room will be fab, I will be able to see the fabrics rather than having them in boxes and customers will be able to go through the buttons and beads. I have had a corner of the dining room for the last year as my workspace which has gradually filled up and spread into the rest of the room.

I am so excited about the move, and everytime I start to feel exhausted or cross with the mess I just look at this pic, and calm right down.

This is just such an amazing house :) It is the black painted one.An Edwarian house over  4 floors, our room being right at the top. (will need tea stuff and a little fridge,or i will not be making tea and taking it back to bed!)
A very long garden which needs a bit of tlc, we're hoping to have a section each, I am imaging a little blue painted wooden studio surrounded by herbs and cottage flowers, Tony will have a potting shed, Arthur a little house, and the teenagers are having the bottom end and thinking about a skateboard ramp...not sure about that one. Obviously this will be over time ..
This is the sitting room, and down the next floor is the dining room, both with balcony's.
OOOoo I can't wait to sit here, will not care about opening boxes! I have ordered cakes from Dee incase any one drops in over the weekend. It will be amazing to have our own place and be sociable again and though having the shop attatched to the house was great while Arthur was a baby. Locking the door and going home will be priceless :) The new shop and Tony's office are only 200 yards from the new house. 
Right I am off to sort the shop and move my stash, leaving loads of space to pile boxes.


  1. omygod!!! that view is just amazing - and a balcony, am soooo not jealous!!!! Just give a shout if you need me before friday - will probably be over tues morn anyway!


  2. ok lovey :) thanks for your help wednesday, was a good afternoon :) C ya Tuesday...will look like a new shop! x

  3. it is just gorgeous Tamsyn:-)

  4. Oh! Oh! Oh! What a house!!!! Lovely. I am deeply jealous. Hope the move goes well.

  5. Hi Tamsyn

    I know exactly which house - and to think we had details of the one at the other end and didn't even view it a few years ago. It would have been perfect in all sorts of ways. Heyho ...

    Shall definitely be popping in to your new shop even though I never managed to get to the other one!

    Good luck with the move - see you soon.

    Sue x

  6. Good luck with the move! Will come up and visit the shop again soon, I hope :)



  7. Looks so beautiful! Good luck with the rest of the move :-)

  8. Oh wow! That looks gorgeous, Tamsyn! Good luck with the move, hope it's not too stressful x

  9. thanks for all your lovely comments :)1 day to go aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa