Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Travelling Anonymous Market Bison Farm.

On Saturday I took my little shop to the Bison Farm at West Knoyle in Wiltshire. I aimed to get there early so I could drive in and drop off my bits instead of walking it all in, got there just in time..5 minutes after Kate and I unloaded our cars everyone else arrived.  That gave me an extra half hour to set up, I was not so stressed this time and everything seemed to fall into place. Putting the wool in the boxes worked really well.

Kate has been collecting lovely vintage bits and upcycling them as well as mixing with more modern fabrics and selling gorgeous bits of china, love the coffee and tea flowery pots.
The Lavender Russian dolls make a great use of the fabric I have in my shop, I imagined doing something like that when I originally saw the fabric so its really nice to see them made up, backed with vintage fabrics. I have asked kate if I can have some for my shop so hoping she hasn't sold out ;)
There was a great feel to the market, the sun was shining and everyones stalls looked fab! The bus above was a cafe inside and sold delicious coffee.
Dee has just started a cake business and sells to offices in and around Gillingham and Shaftesbury, her cakes are yummy :)
A que formed immediately hee hee :)... who let the goats out!
I loved Rose Hatchers felt, she has not been felting that long but has done some amazing work. I can see her work selling well in Galleries. I have got some of her cards in my shop which look fab and I really like to stock local artists work especially when people are just starting out.
and I really really want this coat!!! but would have to win the lottery or maybe sell one of my original paintings. Will have to have a go at wet felting it looks great fun.
some more lovely stalls :)

There was lots of fab food too, the most delicious salads and Olives.
and of course the bison..who luckily didn't get would have seen me abandoning my stall if they did!
It was a great day in the sun, and Arthur went off with his best friend Ted to a little theme I had a lovely break, could have done with lots more customers though!! think people went off to the beach instead :)
Tony went off to The Goodwood Revival and texted me what a fab time he was having and how it was vintage heaven..mmm he originally told me it was  a car thing!  I will be booking my tickets for next year i think!


  1. Wow! That looks like a great day. I wish I'd visited! I love the felt buttons on that felted coat...mmm, thinking cap on! x

  2. golly Tamsyn your stall looks like one that if I saw from a distance would make me start hyperventilating and hubby would steer me away from in fear of having to re-mortgage!

  3. fantastic pics and your stand looks amazing!


  4. What a wonderful stall. I wish I could have been there to. I love the felting work, that coat is to die for and those buttons, wow!. thanks for showing us the pics.
    Sandie at Rag Rescue

  5. Thankyou for your lovely comments :)
    I think I will take my stall a little further afield next year possibly to some of the fibre fests.
    The felt buttons are fab aren't they? Rose made them by felting over jam jar lids..may have to have a little try of doing that me thinks :)

  6. Such a shame I couldn't get there - Saturday always means I'm at DH of course. Do you know if Kate still has the Carnaby Daisies Coffee jar? Donna (The Fabric of My Life) wants one.
    Sue x