Thursday, 22 October 2009

Shop refit

On Sunday and Monday (actually i started Saturday night!) we had a huge shop reshuffle, we moved all the yarn from the back room above into the front of the shop, I had made a plan the saturday before and even measured it up to make sure my plan would work.  It was much easier for Tony to just come in and do the moving the furniture bit and go back out again. The first job was moving everything out of the corner below to make room for the wool shelves, quite a bit of shuffling went on! and the house filled with yarn when we moved the shelves in place.
It had to be ready for Tuesday Morning so we had to work quite fast...while packing the house inbetween.
I think the shop looks great now and it has really given it a revamp, there is still a bit of a way to go unpacking my bits into the back room which will be my office and workspace (the buttons have there very own display cabinet and shelves) actually I'd forgotton how much we actually moved...all of my stash and the shelving, I will put a photo of the finished room on my blog next week.
I really l;ike where the jewellery cabinets are it all seemed to go to plan!
I am hoping that the house move will go as smoothly, I have loaded the van with the first lot of boxes and Tony's new chair especially for relaxing with a cup of tea.
ooooooooo moving tommorow whoo hoo, I may not be able to walk much after the move my legs are aching already!


  1. the shop looks amazing!!! i bet you don't sleep much tonight!!! see you tomorrow!


  2. The shop looks fantastic. Hope you survived the move. Good luck with it all ...

    Sue xx

  3. I was in Gillingham on Saturday and finally came to see your shop but you were busy moving! Had a peek through the window though, looks fab! Hope to see you soon :-) x

  4. thanks for all your lovely comments :)

    Sorry I missed you Becky :( things should calm down a bit now an i will come visit you in your shop :)

  5. Wow! The wool looks lovely in that part of the shop! I was planning to come over this week to Gillingham, are you open? Hope you are well & settling in after your move! x